Dorothy L. Sayers on the Contemplative Vocation of the Artist

Now up here at Transpositions.

This blog will be going on hiatus for a while. As you can see, most of my recent posting has been at Transpositions, where I am now a regular contributor. I’m also now attempting to work 40 hours/week on my PhD, am producing two shows and acting in a third, and am still doing other writing/editing work, as well as attending a monthly vocations discernment group.

If you’d like to continue to follow my writing on theology and the arts, please follow Transpositions.

I will also be continuing my Theatre R&D research tour, which I only got to complete half of, sometime in the next year. When I do, I will post more information. I will also post notes from the sections I have completed when I have time, probably starting over Christmas break. Don’t worry, all my donors will still receive a trip report (and you can still donate towards the completion of the trip by clicking the PayPal button on the top-right of my homepage, or here)!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Dorothy L. Sayers on the Contemplative Vocation of the Artist

  1. Hi Cole, I have some information and paintings, art supplies, and such of a Dorothy Sayer (no “S”), and in doing some research, I found several references to this Dorothy Sayer(s) in your blog. Could it be the same person? This person was from California, moved to Arkansas in later years with a son, I believe, and a house’s attic I bought in 2000 in Arkansas had several paintings and art supplies, and one article that I have not been able to locate in my move. She was definitely an artist, don’t know about author, but her age would fit, and I’m wondering if it could possibly be the same person?? Please email me at if you have more information to see if I can find out if it is the same Dorothy Sayer…..many thanks!

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