Dorothy L. Sayers on the Contemplative Vocation of the Artist

Now up here at Transpositions.

This blog will be going on hiatus for a while. As you can see, most of my recent posting has been at Transpositions, where I am now a regular contributor. I’m also now attempting to work 40 hours/week on my PhD, am producing two shows and acting in a third, and am still doing other writing/editing work, as well as attending a monthly vocations discernment group.

If you’d like to continue to follow my writing on theology and the arts, please follow Transpositions.

I will also be continuing my Theatre R&D research tour, which I only got to complete half of, sometime in the next year. When I do, I will post more information. I will also post notes from the sections I have completed when I have time, probably starting over Christmas break. Don’t worry, all my donors will still receive a trip report (and you can still donate towards the completion of the trip by clicking the PayPal button on the top-right of my homepage, or here)!

Thanks for reading!