The Creativity of Yes + Fellows Hip Trailer

Today’s post is a guest post on Transpositions: “The Creativity of Yes: The Marian Role of the Viewer”

And The Fellows Hip‘s first trailer is out!

We’re trying to attract distributors, so please “Like” and comment if you’re willing. Here are some other ways you can help us find distribution:

1. View our YouTube videos, and give a thumb’s up to your favorites. (These videos need to be in the thousands of views!)

2. Leave a Comment and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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6. Join and let others know about our email list. (Submit your ZIP code – or city for those outside the U.S. – to let distributors know where screenings should take place!)

7. Pre-order the DVD (and receive exclusive special features). Pre-orders not only help us finish the film faster, they also show distributors stronger than anything else that there is an audience for the film.

8. Do you know someone who could help in getting the word out to the masses? I’d love to talk to that person.

Stay tuned for more information on a podcast interview that the other lead cast members and I are doing next week! In the meantime, you can read this recent article on the film. ETA: The podcast is now up! Interview begins at 34:00: LOTRO Reporter Episode 88 – The Fellows Hip Redux. (And here’s a second interview, recorded prior to the cast’s, with the awesome Fellows Hip producers – begins at 30:42: LOTRO Reporter Episode 87 – Interview w/ Opening Act Productions.)

In other news, this week I received a full work-study grant to attend this year’s C.S. Lewis Summer Institute at Oxbridge, run by the C.S. Lewis Foundation, where I will be presenting a 20-minute version of my thesis, “C.S. Lewis on the Moral Responsibility of the Christian Artist”, as part of the Academic Roundtable. Thank you to the Foundation, and let me know if you’ll be attending! I presented a longer version to the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society this past Tuesday, which was received well, and the attendees created some interesting discussion of their own afterwards.

I’m still looking for members of religious orders in the professional theatre, Christians who run secular professional theatres, and professional theatres which excel at community-building for my Theatre R&D tour this summer. Stops so far include New York City, Toronto, Boston, D.C., Chapel Hill, Austin, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Chicago, with a few stops in smaller areas such as Alberta and Kansas. I hope to have a draft itinerary up in my next blog post (probably after my final Oxford exams, which run June 6-17). Let me know who I should visit!

4 thoughts on “The Creativity of Yes + Fellows Hip Trailer

  1. I just found out that I have to be at my PhD program for orientation earlier than I expected, by Sept 17, but if I’m still able to make it to Calgary, I’ll let you know!

  2. I don’t see why that wouldn’t work–we’ll be in town in September, and it’d be great to meet with you. Keep me posted as to more details; we’ll figure out specifics as it gets closer.

  3. Alida,

    Rosebud is the reason for visiting Alberta. It looks like from my schedule the only time I’ll be able to make it is about the 3rd/4th week of September. I don’t know how that fits with their schedule, but I’m going to contact them again when I have more details of the trip finalized. Even if Rosebud doesn’t work out on this trip (as I hope it will), I’d love to meet up with you and Colin in Calgary. Does that rough time frame work?


  4. Where/when will you be in Alberta? Are you visiting Rosebud? That’s one of the most interesting examples I can think of when it comes to community and professional theatre.

    Let me know–it’d be great to get together with you. I’m in the process of reexamining the church’s role in the arts, in the context of patronage/funding/producing. I’ve taken a position as Producing Director of a small theatre company in Calgary (which “creatively communicates God’s heart”, but doesn’t do explicitly “Christian” work), and part of my role is raising support for my salary.

    It’s similar to missions funding, in that I’m seeking funding from the church, but I’m working on articulating my changing views on the role of the church. Church as producer is only fulfilling half of what it needs to; I think that the church as patron (for professionals who are working to affect change in their fields) is another very important part of the picture.

    Anyway, Colin and I would love to sit down for coffee with you and chat. Let me know when you’ll be in the area!

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