Some Things I Made

Inspired by this post by the Hawesome Wil Wheaton, here are some things I made:

Haikus while sitting in God, Christ & Salvation lecture, Week 5 – Kant, Hegel, Feuerbach, & Nietzsche

Walking through the earth

We’re hunting the unicorn

Of lost memory.

Light speaks to light in

The dawning of the sun. Choirs —

We hear dimly — sing.

Opening the book,

Dust gives way to glitt’ring swords.

Book ends, strength remains.

Fear of padding paws,

Green eyes, open mouth, white teeth,

Fresh breath, warm tongue, love.

In the trees, white flesh

Disappears into darkness.

The hunt continues.


(To the lecturer: Don’t think of it as me not paying attention. Think of it as me being inspired by your words.)

Nothing fancy, but fun.

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