St. Genesius, Patron Saint of Actors

Apparently there is a new Catholic organization, only two years old, whose members are committed to praying for people who work in theatre and film. It is called the Fraternity of St Genesius, after the patron saint of actors. Here is a novena prayer to St Genesius, from their website:

Prayer to St Genesius

Holy St Genesius,
martyr for Christ,
by the grace of the Holy Spirit
through your acting
you came to discover
the truth of the Christian faith.
In your first profession of that faith
you were baptized through the shedding
of your blood,
offering your life for the praise and glory
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Pray for those who dedicate their lives
to the theatrical and cinematic arts.
Like you may they find the presence
of the Lord in their work
and generously open their hearts
to his teaching,
living it in the midst of the challenges
and demands of their calling.
In this novena, I remember most especially…., commending him/her to your care.

Let us pray:
Eternal Father, in your love you call all men and women to come to know you and to share in your divine life. Through the intercession of your martyr, Genesius, who responded so generously to the grace of conversion, grant that the same grace may be given to those who as yet do not know you, and may be renewed in those who do. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

St. Genesius was a Roman actor who was performing in a satire about baptism for the Emperor, when he heard and saw angels speaking to him, and realized that the sacrament he was mocking was real. He converted immediately, and the pagan Emperor had him tortured, then beheaded.

I was moved to find that there exists a group of people who have committed themselves to pray daily for me and my fellow actors and other theatre and film professionals.

9 thoughts on “St. Genesius, Patron Saint of Actors

  1. Wonderful prayers for a dancer like me. Plz can I receive a novena prayer of St genesius. I have a dance studio and I want to use the prayers to uplift my studio

  2. My daughter Brigitte Viellieu-Davis asked me to pray for her success, so I looked up the patron saint of acting and found St Genesius. All prayers help.

  3. As a catholic and performer, I am so pleased to see we have a patron Saint. O have not worked for over a year as I do a one man show, I am a mentalist. I had offers for work but had an accident and back surgery and could not stand for 90 minutes to do my show. I finally took a booking as I needed to get back on the boards. The show went very well, and it seemed once I was on stage the pain was gone for the full show. I know Jesus was watching over me and I have the feeling now that it may have been through the intercession of St. Genesius.

  4. Thank you Saint Genesius for all the favors that I have received for you. I’ am only a humble actor trying to make it on show business: Thank you from the button of my heart.

  5. For Anne Cronvich,
    you are right to question, but so is cole –

    according to “Theater of the Word” a program associated with EWTN, global Catholic television, Genesius is in fine status as a saint and the patron saint of actors.

    The priest in Ireland quoted on the subject did nod the head , that there had been some extra questioning on the subject, but that Genesius, like the unicorn here, emerged triumphant.

    Because he was an actor, because his conversion was true and in front of a live audience – and because that very conversion cost him his life, after his faith held steadfast through challenge and torture – Genesius might have been a comedian, but today as a patron, he is no joke, but glows!

  6. Gee, Cole, I thought Genesius was de-sainted along with Christopher, years ago. I’ll have to check into this.

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