Christian Artist Seminar

There’s a post on the C.S. Lewis Foundation’s blog about the Christian Artist Seminar, an ecumenical Europe-based organization of Christian artists of all disciplines, with the mission “to practice love, compassion, freedom, solidarity and justice to the ends of shaping the culture in a creative way and influencing society by various forms of proclamation.” They’re having their annual conference in the Netherlands in the first week of August. Go here for more information:

CSL Foundation post with press release

Christian Artist Seminar website

2 thoughts on “Christian Artist Seminar

  1. Me, too. I’ll be going to Belgium in September, but I have to work to train my replacement and wrap up my projects at my job until the end of August.

    Thanks for catching the broken link. It’s fixed.

  2. Looks pretty amazing. If only I had the means to get to the Netherlands in August… 🙂

    (Also, you might want to fix the first link. It’s a little wonky.)

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