C.S. Lewis Blog Round-Up

This week I thought I’d do a round-up of a few C.S. Lewis-related blogs I’m aware of:

C.S. Lewis Foundation Blog – Keep up-to-date on happenings at the Kilns and the C.S. Lewis Foundation. Learn about Foundation events, and read posts by visiting Scholars-in-Residence (soon including yours truly) at the Kilns. Subscribe

Further Up & Further In: A C.S. Lewis & Inklings Resource Blog – This blog is maintained by Dr. Bruce L. Edwards, a well-known Lewis scholar and author and editor of several books, including a major new four-volume reference set called C.S. Lewis: Life, Works & Legacy. This blog is one of the major resource sites I’ve found on upcoming Lewis-related events and publications, Lewis resource links, and information on Narnia and the other Inklings. Subscribe

HarperOne’s C.S. Lewis Blog – The official blog of publisher HarperOne’s C.S. Lewis website invites leading Lewis scholars to contribute posts every few weeks. Contributing scholars include such names as Michael Ward, Diana Pavlac Glyer, the afore-mentioned Bruce L. Edwards, Jerry Root, and many other promiment scholars. Subscribe

Dangerous Idea – Blog by Christian philosopher Victor Reppert, author of C.S. Lewis’s Dangerous Idea: In Defense of the Argument from Reason. I admit, I just found this blog while doing research for this post, but I immediately subscribed. The blog discusses not only Lewis, but also important arguments in philosophy and religion. Subscribe

Internet Monk – All right, this isn’t really a Lewis blog, but it is a Christian blog by a “New Covenant, Reformation-loving Christian in search of a Jesus shaped spirituality.” I really enjoyed his post on the sexual C.S. Lewis. Some choice quotes include: “Yes, Jack Lewis had sex. In marriage. And before. Maybe more than once. He wrote Christian books, and (gasp) he wrote Christian CHILDREN’S books.” And, “The media must assume that serious Christians are seriously unhealthy people, and what better cause can one find for rolling out those freshman psych classes and all that Fruedian repression in the name of religion?” And finally, “Stand by for future posts, as we learn that the author of the popular Christian children’s books also drank, smoked, liked a bawdy joke and had theology that would drive the Truly Reformed into a hissy fit.” Subscribe

And finally, as a bonus, Into the Wardrobe, perhaps the most thorough C.S. Lewis resource site on the Web.

What Lewis-related (or Christian-related) blogs do you like to read? I’ll update this post to include any Lewis blogs mentioned in the comments.

Some brief news about my life:

Three more weeks of doing touring children’s theatre, and then the season is done. I’m doing the Virginia Renaissance Faire on the weekends, squiring for the Joust, and that’s done at the same time. My awesome sister and her friend are going to come visit me for a couple of days, and then I’m going on vacation for about a week to New York City, to say farewell to my friends from college before I cross the pond.

I found a Greek tutor! He’s an adjunct professor at Loyola College and St. Mary’s Seminary, both of which are within a few minutes’ drive of my apartment. He’s planning to meet with me twice a week and really work me hard, for which I’m grateful.

Last but not least, I found a really cool church to attend in Oxford. More on that later.

Ascension has passed, and now we await the coming of the Spirit!

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