Trailer for The Narnia Code

Bruce Edwards has the trailer for The Narnia Code on his blog. The Narnia Code is the new BBC documentary inspired by Michael Ward’s book Planet Narnia, which claims that each of the seven Chronicles of Narnia was based on one of the seven medieval heavenly bodies. According to Bruce’s post, the documentary “debuts in Britain on BBC1, Thursday 16th April 2009 at 10.35 pm.”

I was able to speak with Michael Ward about his book, and his studies at Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews, while at the Kilns. (He earned his D.Phil. from the Institute of Theology, Imagination and the Arts at St Andrews, which is the program I plan to apply to.) He was a special guest at the farewell banquet on our final night. I’m not sure I quite buy his arguments. He doesn’t claim to have hard-and-fast proof of his thesis, but only hints, and the idea that “it’s the kind of thing Lewis would do.” However, I’m going to reserve final judgement until after I’ve read the book. And he is an amusing conversationalist, with a clever dry wit.

I most vividly remember his breakdown of the differences between Oxford and Cambridge, with Oxford producing prime minister after prime minister, and Cambridge producing Communist spies. Also, during the English Civil War, Oxford was a Royalist university, while Cambridge produced the regicide Oliver Cromwell. Let me note also that I’m currently playing William Roper in a local production of A Man for All Seasons, about St. Thomas More, the Chancellor of England who lost his head to Henry VIII for refusing to acknowledge Henry’s supremacy over the Catholic Church in England (which Henry took over to create the Anglican Church). Where did Sir Thomas study? Oxford. Where did the bad guys of the play, Thomas Cromwell (related to Oliver) and Richard Rich, study? Cambridge. ‘Nuff said.

Narnia Code Website

Planet Narnia Website

Here’s the trailer:

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