Lewis Conference in Queens, NY

From the SpareOom YahooGroup (devoted to C.S. Lewis):

A weekend conference is being held August 6,7,8 outside New York City. It’s at a nice (but low-cost) conference center with air-conditioned rooms and tasty meals. The conference marks the 40th anniversary of the New York C.S. Lewis Society and features the following main speakers: James Como (Remembering CSL, etc.), Christopher Mitchell (Director of the Wade Center), Joseph Pearce (author of numerous books on Tolkien, Chesterton, etc.) and Fr. Joseph Koterski, SJ of Fordam University.

Details/prices are on the news page of the NYCSL Society website:

Hope to see you there!

Bob Trexler, editor of the CSL Bulletin

I attended a one-week seminar at the Kilns last July that was led by Dr. Mitchell, and I can vouch for his knowledge (which he freely shares), love of conversation, and overall friendliness, along with a well-exercised sense of humour.

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